Pudeur Hajirai 2007 Korea 18+ Movie

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 Pudeur Hajirai 2007 Korea 18+ Movie
Pudeur Hajirai 2007 Korea 18+ Movie


Pudeur Hajirai 2007 Korea 18+ ေအာဇာတ္လမ္း 

My wife has a nude model offer.

Lie is a 10-year-old housewife. She is embarrassed to show her breasts even to her husband because of her childhood accidents. Such a tendency to Lee makes the marital relationship desperate. Lie gets a job for change. From the woman who met through the boss of the company, Lie is offered a nude model. After several hesitations, we will accept the model proposal. Later, she finds out that her husband’s work has been done to cure Lie’s shame, and the couple finds happiness again.

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