FANTASY (2014) Korea 18+ Movie ေအာဇာတ္လမ္း

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FANTASY (2014) Korea 18+ Movie
FANTASY (2014) Korea 18+ Movie


FANTASY (2014) Korea 18+ Movie ေအာဇာတ္လမ္း


Being alive while dead is a problem… Chan-soo (Park Jae-hoon) has been in a vegetative state ever since the accident 3 years ago. He feels everything through his ears and time never goes by, as he’s in bed all day. The only fun thing is when the people around him talk about their secrets. He then thinks about what they say all they and predicts what might happen or the results. He then hopes unfairness makes his imaginations as fancy as possible…

80 minutes | Release date in South Korea : 2014/10/30
Original Title: 환상 (hwan-sang)
•Melodrama •Romance
Director: Lee Soong-hwan (이숭환)
Screenplay: Eun Jae (은재)
Stars: Park Jae-hoon (박재훈), No Soo-ram (노수람), Jeong Wook-I (정욱), Kim Mi-yeon (김미연), Han Seong-sik (한성식), Lee Seol-goo (이설구)


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