Summertime HD Korea 18+ Movie ( စာတန္းထိုး )

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Summertime HD Korea 18+ Movie ( စာတန္းထိုး )
Summertime HD Korea 18+ Movie ( စာတန္းထိုး )


Summertime HD Korea 18+ Movie ( စာတန္းထိုး )


Download / Watch Online Streaming Korean Classic Movie 18+ Full HD Film 720p K-Movie Summer Time 2001 DVDRip (Synopsis / Review) A remake of the controversial Philippine film Scorpio Nights (1985), the film was also inspired by the Gwangju massacre

“Set in the 1980s, Sang-ho is a student activist hiding out in a small rural village. He accidentally witnesses, through a hole on the floor of his second story room, a married couple having sex. He discovers he is a voyeur at heart and becomes bolder and bolder in his actions. One day, he gets an opportunity to play out his fantasies. When the husband is not home, Sang-ho goes downstairs. Imitating the husband’s manner of foreplay even down to the sequence, the young man has sex with the wife. She, like Sang-ho, is a prisoner of the house. The second time he comes to her, he touches her in a different way which makes her turn around and discover that there is a stranger in her bed. But this does not deter her as she reaches out to him for an intense embrace. The husband, Tae-yeol, is an ex-policeman fired for alleged corruption, and his wife Hee-ran, who was raped by him as a young girl, for the sake of status quo has ended up as his wife and prisoner.”



Title : Summer Time 2001 / 썸머타임/Sseommeotaim

Directed by: Park Jae-ho

Stars: Ryu Soo-young and Kim Ji-hyun

Language: Korean W/ English Sub /Myanmar

Country: South Korea| Imdb Info | DVDRip

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